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Diamond square

About Us

Who are we?

We are friends for all parts of the country...

And as in many acquaintances our mutual friend turned out to be the sea.
Flaming sun, the breeze and burning sand are an obligatory prerequisite for unique ideas to be born.
This is exactly what happened to us! It all started from our passion to salty water, our unique native beaches (most of them still to be discovered), and most of all from out love to our homeland, we decided to launch RAMS DIVING.
It is an entirely Bulgarian brand with the idea of a first-class Bulgarian thing, something that we hope will expand. Expanding, but not at any price or at the price of making compromises with our products.
We believe that everyone who dares to try one of our products will be amazed. The reason for it is that all products are hand-made with a great amount of love.
And as Miroslav always says, in order to cook Paella alla Valenciana, no matter of the ingredients, if you don’t put in some love, it will never work!