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Pole Spear

Pole spear

The new thing is the massive component for disassembling, making it even easier to transport.
The “paralyzer” head also has a skewed aluminum matrix to improve the hydrodynamics.
Another improvement is the new “cap” for attaching the cord, which replaced the plastic one from the previous model, making the spear body 100% aluminum.
The length of the body keeps the optimal 1.50m.
The advantages, neutral floatability, solid body, elastic cord, stay unchanged.
All this comes in a comfortable case for storage and transportation. For more information, check the details below.
1 year body warranty
The set includes:

Standart delivery for Europe 10€
Express DHL delivery for 2-3 days 20€

Price: 37 EUR



pole spear

  • 100% aluminum
  • 1.50m length (can be dissembled in two parts)
  • Floatability close to zero
  • 1 year warranty
  • “Paralyzer” trident
  • Hydrodynamic aluminum matrix
Elastic cord:
  • Extremely strong
  • UV cover
  • Attached to the body with the harpoon rope
Rams Diving also offers:
  • Any modifications according to the customer’s preferences.
  • Different types of specialized tops for different draughts.

How to use

The Pole Spear is extremely easy to use!
The haunter runs his hand through the elastic cord, so that it will stay between his thumb and forefinger.
The hand is stretched together with the cord towards the top, as the haunter holds the spear body and the stretched cord in one hand.
This way the spear is already loaded. As soon as a fish passes by, all you need to do is ease your hand, as the spear is being shot the same way as a sling weapon.
Although it is nevertheless different that its ancient confreres, the Hawaiian pole spear is a dangerous and efficient weapon, mainly used in warmer seas with greater draught.
The reason are its obvious advantages – it is light, easy to maintain and cheap.
Despite the body length, when the spear is loaded, there is only a small part left to stick out, which makes the pole spear efficient for fishing even into tight holes.
All this information can partially disprove some authors’ opinion that the spear is practically nearly extinct.
Load the spear only in water! Do not point at people! Keep out of reach!