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How to choose pole spear

It can be safely said that the Pole Spear is the father of modern speargun! Originating in ancient times in warm tropical waters as a means of survival, today the Pole Spear is widely used all over the world. It is used by both beginner divers to pass the time at the beach and advanced spearfishermen as their primary weapon for underwater fishing. You may encounter it under various names: Hawaiian sling, pole spear, etc. Functionally, they do not have significant differences, and their operating principle is very similar.

The hunter slides their hand through the rubber band, leaving it between the thumb and index finger. The hand is then stretched along with the rubber band towards the tip, with the hunter holding both the body of the spear and the stretched rubber band in one hand. This way, the spear is already loaded.

How to choose pole spear?

One of the main differences in Pole Spear is the choice of materials used in their production. The market offers aluminum, carbon, fiberglass, and even solid iron variations. The choice of rubber bands ranges from rubber, silicone, to latex.

Another important part of the Pole Spear is the tips. The market offers various tips and modifications, such as forked tips, paralyzing tips, breakaway tips, single tips, etc. The choice depends on the preferences of the spearfisherman and the type of fish they intend to catch.

The prices

The prices of these spears range from around ten leva to around three hundred dollars. The question is, which Pole Spear is suitable for me? Depending on the sea in which you will be hunting, the appropriate Pole Spear and tip are chosen. This is perhaps one of the key points. The other parts, such as the handle, trigger, and others, can be customized.

At Rams Diving, we have the necessary knowledge and experience to assist you in choosing the right spear. In addition to the models on our website, we also offer custom-made spears to our customers.

“How to choose pole spear

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