Mussels Collector


Material:  100% INOX
The high quality INOX production makes the product non-corrosive in time, the best warranty for its long life. The net of the mussels collector has a 1.5 cm. eye diameter and is made of high quality fiber.
An internal bus is integrated in the design in order to prevent the friction. Between the body and the net. There is a defined incline in both the cutting part and the body. Which gives optimum angle when extracting the mussels.

Safety is ensured with only one support rail, so that, if necessary it can be release instantly. The good grip is ensured by the handle wrapped with hemp rope.

2 years warranty

In RAMS DIVING we are confident that the mussels collector is a tool that will be transmitted across generations.

We conducted a survey in the Bay of Burgas, among old fishermen, their inheritors and people leading sea chronicles. Trying to find its origin and first application.
Based on the gathered information, we came to believe that the Mussels collector is an entirely Bulgarian creation. Our claim rests on the fact that, compared to other seas. Black Sea water is the most for free or cultivated breeding of of the black Muthilus Gallaprovincialis mussels.
We met with old fishermen, who shared that in the early history mussels collector was performed by boats, with a certain type of paddles attached to long wooden rods. Later on they were adjusted for diving, leading to the collector we have today. The oldest we found is almost forty years old.

How to use

The design itself makes the use extremely interesting.
The initial feeling is that “the tool” can never stand in your hand, let alone pull out mussels out of the water.
But once it is properly positioned, the RAMS mussels collector sticks in your hand and becomes part of it.
This is because of the universal and creative design. Once immersed, all you have to do is find mussels suitable for you!
Once you are attached to the underwater rock, holding yourself with the free hand, you just need to conduct the pickup moves, in order to scratch the mussels.
The result – a net full of mussels!


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