Travel Pole Spear


Hawaiian spear allowing practicality when you travel to a long and exotic destination which require tight luggage

Three-component housing and sections length of 50 cm.
It combines the qualities of classic Hawaiian spear and Pro pole spear.

The set includes:
Spear, Trident, Rubber band
( additionally you can add ribbed handletrigger mechanismadapter )

100% aluminum
1.50m length (can be dissembled in three parts)
Floatability close to zero

“Paralyzer” trident INOX/AL
Hydrodynamic aluminum matrix

Elastic cord:
Extremely strong
UV cover
Attached to the body with the harpoon rope

Rams Diving also offers:
Any modifications according to the customer’s preferences.
Different types of specialized tops for different draughts.

Additional information

Weight 0,350 kg
Dimensions 150 cm


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