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DYNEEMA The World’s Healthiest Fibers!

Dyneema has several key advantages compared to other “competing” materials – incredibly light and strong, resistant to UV degradation and wear-resistant!

What is Dyneema?

“The strongest thread in the world” – what makes it so special?
Dyneema ® is a UHMwPE fibre (Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene) developed by DSM in the Netherlands.
Great strength On a weight-to-weight basis – Dyneema is 15 times stronger than steel rope!
Lightweight On a size-for-size basis – Dyneema is 8 times lighter than steel rope! Dyneema also has a Specific Gravity of 0.97, which means it floats in water!

Waterproof Dyneema is hydrophobic and does not absorb water. Which means that it has no analogue in wet conditions and terms of wear resistance!
Chemical resistance Dyneema is chemically inert and performs equally well in dry, wet, salty and humid conditions, as well as in chemical contact situations.
UV Durability Dyneema has very good resistance to “Photo Degradation”, making it effective when exposed to UV radiation!


Ropes and slings made with Dyneema ® are proving to be prime contenders in a wide range of industrial applications. Although softer and more flexible than traditional steel rope, products made with Dyneema ® are stronger and more durable. In fact, they are claimed to be almost indestructible!

Sailing and Fishing

The World’s Healthiest Fibers is the leader in sail and rigging materials – bringing the next generation of ropes and tapes – for everyone from the keen weekend yachtsman to open ocean racers and prize-winning Olympic teams!

Amateur fishing is the most precise combination of strength, sensitivity and flexibility (once you’ve discovered and developed the right technique, of course). Lines made with Dyneema ® last longer, despite being the thinnest product in this class – unmatched – up to half the width of nylon – meaning anglers can cast farther and more accurately while still feeling safe!

The World’s Healthiest Fibers